After watching the documentary Chemerical, I became even more aware of
the harmful products that I incorporate in my everyday routine.  There
was another documentary that I saw a while back called The Gerson
Miracle that opened my eyes to it, but it wasn’t till I watched this
one that made me realized that I can really do something about it. I
think it’s because Chemerical offered an alternative solution instead
of just bringing awareness that really fueled my determination to
start living a more toxic free lifestyle.  Of course there are still
things that I can’t control like the air I breathe in, but I can
definitely start with myself in my home and hopefully I can inspire my
family and others to do the same.

If you’re still reading, I encourage you to watch the documentary.
It’s a must see, I included the trailer with its synopsis in my
previous posts. I saw it on Netflix or you can also go to their
website and purchase the movie.  They also
have a Chemerical Cookbook which includes tons of simple, natural and
Ecofriendly household recipes that you can make to help detoxify your
homes. Before buying their cookbook I actually used their liquid
laundry detergent recipe which they included in the documentary. It
was such an awesome feeling and I felt a sense of pride and
accomplishment making my very own laundry detergent that’s not only
good for me, but its also environmentally friendly. I’ll post the
picture of the laundry detergent I made along with the recipe if you
would like to try it for yourself.